Melvin was the best dog that Dr. Phillip and Paula Dupont ever owned. When Melvin, a mixture of Catahoula and Doberman, turned nine and began to age in 2012, the Duponts decided to preserve his genetics.


Dr. Dupont biopsied two small pieces of Melvin’s skin and sent them to PerPETuate’s laboratory. PerPETuate successfully cultured and then cryopreserved more than three million viable Melvin cells.


Phillip and Paula wanted to use these cells to clone Melvin however they had two concerns. First, the cost to clone a dog was $70,000! Second, only one biotech company was able to clone dogs, the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea.


The Duponts justified the cost by the fact that Melvin was an exceptional dog. He greeted visitors to the Dupont veterinary clinic with barking hellos and he had an uncanny ability to understand English. Most important Melvin provided Paula and Phillip with great pleasure. Besides, they reasoned $70,000 was less than the cost of a new Land Cruiser!


Next, the Duponts visited Sooam in South Korea. Being impressed by the biotech staff, laboratory and facilities and by how well the dogs were treated, they contracted Sooam to clone Melvin. In mid-2012 PerPETuate shipped some of Melvin’s cultured cells to South Korea. Sooam used these cells to produce two clones of Melvin—Ken and Henry.


In spring of 2013, Ken and Henry joined Paula, Phillip and Melvin in Louisiana. For the next two years, Melvin was a role model for his clones. When Melvin did pass away having two identical replicas helped ease the couple’s grief. The Duponts say that Ken and Henry are more like Melvin every day. “Their personalities are identical,” says Paula.

These pampered pooches are popular choices for cloning

Chihuahuas are finally getting the respect they deserve.

They may not be the most popular dog breed in America, but they have something else to bark about.


The pint-sized pets lead the pack when it comes to the breeds most commonly selected for cloning, said Ron Gillespie, founder of PerPETuate, the aptly-titled Hawaii-based service that preserves dogs’ genetic material so they can be cloned.


Though there’s no hard data on dog cloning, Gillespie has noticed some patterns in his 20 years in the canine copying business.


Market Watch Article. Click Here for full story.



GUNNI, PerPETuate’s first 2018 clone, was released to her owner Mrs. Monni Must on Jan 5th by ViaGen. Gunni and Monni immediately bonded. Monni said Gunni has the same social personality as her donor—Billy Bean who is still living. They both love people and are fearless. On the flight home the whole airport took photos of Gunni and the Delta attendants passed her around during the flight.


Gunni was well received by all except her donor—Billy Bean! Immediately Billy was envious of Gunni and would like to have had her out of the house! After weeks of sensitive management Billy and Gunni are sharing space and beginning to form a close relationship.


Billy Bean and her clone Gunni are physically similar. Both for example are smaller than most Black Labradors and have very large paws. As Monni is a professional photographer we should be able to track the physical similarities and differences between Billy and Gunni.


Monni’s assessment of her clone—"Gunni is perfect!”